Executive Spotlight: Stewart Carter

Get to Know Our Executives

A top notch leadership team sets a good example for the rest of the organization to follow. We truly believe we have the best employees at Cardinal both in terms of their experience and expertise. We understand the credit goes to our talented team but we also recognize the leadership and dedication from our executive team stands out above the competition.

Today, get to know our Senior Vice President, Stewart Carter, CAM. CMCA, AMS.

Tell us about your role and your primary responsibilities.

I am the Senior Vice President. In my role I oversee the entire Florida operations and organizations. I also handle the human      resources and information technology functions as well.

How did you first learn about Cardinal and how did that impact your desire to want to work here?

20 years ago my father was a local Collier County Commissioner and knew a developer that had just hired on the “brand new” management firm in town….Cardinal Management Group of Florida. They were looking for a second employee (they had brought one down from VA to start the business). The developer introduced me to the owner, Thomas Mazzei, and the rest is history.

Cardinal is a family-oriented company, how does working here allow you to balance your career and family life?

It is difficult sometimes when property emergencies come up, but the company is very cognizant of these situations and goes out of its way to ensure a balance for the employee with flexible hours, teleworking, etc. The job gets done but the family is always a big consideration.

What do you find most challenging about your role/position?

In my position I must always consider every aspect of every situation. How will this decision affect that other thing? How will employee A react to the change to employee B’s role? How will my actions on issue A affect issue K several layers down the road? I must always look at the “big picture” of each relationship with each client, each board member, each homeowner, each employee, each vendor, etc. and how actions today will ripple to next week or next year. I am not complaining by any means. I love the challenges of my job and the satisfaction I get when it all works. However, I cannot, and do not, do it alone. Each person I work with is a huge piece of the puzzle and I could not ever make the picture/puzzle complete and clear and great without each one of them.

How has Cardinal helped you with your career development and name three career lessons you have learned thus far?

Cardinal IS my career! I started with no community management knowledge or experience and the company trained me, encouraged me, paid for the classes needed to become a licensed Community Association Manager in Florida (CAM), and allowed me to grow as the company did.

Lessons learned include:

  •  Peoples' beliefs and opinions are their reality, and each situation needs to be addressed from that starting point.
  • If people do not KNOW that something is happening, they will assume that it is NOT happening. It is our job to inform and educate so people know the full story or picture.
  •  We residents and/or owners contact our office, they are doing so about something extremely personal and important to them….their HOME. Keeping this fact in the forefront of our thoughts helps us address the issue with compassion and empathy.

If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you and why?

Robin Williams. Because he can be a very serious actor when needed but is, for the most part, a goof that likes to make people laugh and relax and feel more comfortable during stressful situations. That is me.

Name one fun or unlikely thing people may not know about Cardinal but should.

No one here ever says “not my job”. We all are very close to each other and care about each other and the company. We all offer each other assistance on a regular basis and will step in to help whenever a need is identified and go out of our way to solve the problem, whatever it may be.

Do you have any tips for someone that may be looking to get into the community management industry?

No two days are identical. Do not be afraid to say, “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.” When customers are angry, they are angry with/at the SITUATION, not necessarily you. Do not take it too personally.