Provide Services to Our Communities? Here is what you need to know.

Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.

Home Watch

For those of you who are not full-time residents, or even for those who are but go on vacation from time-to-time, Cardinal Management Group of Florida can provide peace of mind while you are away.

Our fully equipped and experienced Home Watch staff is available to provide Home Watch services to individual property owners at competitive rates.

Our efforts have saved our clients thousands of dollars in property damage through early detection and timely remediation.


Home Watch Services

VIP Services

These services can be performed as part of your Home Services package or on an “as needed” basis.

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  • Retrieving Mail*
  • Starting/Driving Vehicle
  • Watering Plants (per plant or area – discounts available)
  • Checking Operation of Elevator
  • Installing and Changing Damp-Rids (incl. cost of products)
  • Changing Air Conditioner Filters*
  • Changing Air Conditioner Thermostat Batteries

*Additional fees "at cost" may apply

Arrival/Departure Services

These services are provided on an “as needed” basis for an additional fee.

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Additional Services

These services are provided on an “as needed” basis by qualified subcontractors or our professional staff.

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Handy-Man Maintenance

Our highly trained and professional technicians are available to the association for repairs and maintenance to the common areas and separately to individuals upon request or as needed.

Because our management clients are our only clients, association boards do not have to worry about competing for priority with a long list of customers, nor do they have to conform to someone else’s time table.


Storm Preparation & Response

Our entire company mobilizes when a named storm is predicted. Our proactive preparation and timely post-storm response have saved our clients thousands in potential property damage.

Following a storm, our response is virtually immediate, as our staff visits the communities to clear drains, assess damage, and coordinate any cleanup and repairs that may be necessary.


Emergency Response

Our maintenance staff, with assistance from other professional service companies as necessary, will be on hand 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to respond to emergency situations which may arise that if left unattended could result in damage to property, wasted resources, and even loss of life.

When the services of other professional service companies become necessary, our staff will coordinate those efforts and oversee their timely and satisfactory completion.