Mission Statement


  • Create an empowered organization where each employee is an integral part of ensuring that our clients are reassured knowing that we are the custodians of their community and the stewards of one of their most valuable and precious assets—their home. We will create a solid foundation for their success and help to improve the value of their property.
  • Treat every client with dignity and respect and each problem as if it were our own.
  • Give our clients the luxury of coming home to a community that is attractive and maintained in a manner that is consistent with their standards.
  • Perform all of our duties with honesty, integrity and a sincere desire for our clients to always have a positive experience when contacting our organization; regardless of the issue.
  • Defy the status quo and strive to “manage to make a difference” in the communities in which we work.
  • Be the preeminent full service management company, offering our services to community leaders who share our vision of what it means to be a Cardinal Management Group community, where commitment to excellence and responsiveness are the guiding principles.
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“In today’s world of indifferent service, it is certainly refreshing and reassuring to know that a management company of this
stature is representing our community.”