Cardinal Management Group Implements Online Application Processing

Cardinal Management Group of Florida is proud to announce its recent partnership with tenant evaluation for the processing of all lease and purchase applications.

Tenant evaluation is an online service provider of application processing.

This new service will provide a clean, easy to use interface for our customers to complete and submit the required applications for purchase or lease within our client communities. The tenant evaluation system will provide for all aspects of the application process including the application itself, the uploading of leases or purchase contracts and any required supporting documents, and the collection of all required funds allow applicants to pay the required fees utilizing a credit card or checking account. The system will also provide the user with immediate verification that the application has been submitted and accepted and will then receive an email with all of the supporting documents completed and submitted.

Cardinal Management Group of Florida is excited about the implementation of this new service to our clients, and look forward to the streamlined process serving everyone’s needs.